Missouri police defend conduct after video of arrest goes viral

ST. ANN, Mo. – Video of a St. Ann police officer breaking the window of a sedan and pulling the suspect through it and onto the ground is sparking backlash.

The incident started in St. Peters when an officer attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic citation.  Upon checking the license plate on the vehicle, the officer discovered a warrant in connection to the car. The driver failed to stop.

According to the St. Peters Police Department, the vehicle was not pursued and information on the vehicle was broadcasted to surrounding agencies.

An officer from the St. Ann Police Department spotted the vehicle and pursued the car. Once the vehicle stopped the officer along with additional backup ordered the three people in the car to get out.

According to St. Ann police, one person did not comply, refusing to raise his hands, unlock the door or open the window. Video taken by a bystander shows a man in the passenger front seat with his hands up. A detective on the scene standing next to the vehicle then smashed the passenger front window with his forearm and dragged the man out of the vehicle.

The department stated that because of the danger to officers and the public at large, the use of force was necessary to ensure safety.

The man was placed on the ground face down, handcuffed and taken into custody. All three people in the vehicle were checked for weapons.  It is unknown if any weapons were found or if the other two passengers were taken into custody.

Police said the man in custody was not abused, kicked or punched at any time.

According to a Facebook post on the incident, no one was injured and no damage was incurred on any other vehicles.