Missouri couple celebrating 70 years of marriage this year

MISSOURI (CNN) -- It is Valentine's Week, and a couple in Missouri is celebrating nearly 70 years together!

Nearly 70 years later, Wayne and Polly Reeves still laugh together and reminisce about the "good old days."

The two were married in September of 1943. They met as next-door neighbors.

"I couldn't stand him," Polly remembered.

"At first I didn't think too much of her, she just kinda lived there, then she growed on me," Wayne said.

The two fell in love, and have spent most of their lives together. This year, Polly will turn 90 and Wayne, 87.

They say they are very proud of their love, and their family. The two had seven children together: five girls and two boys.

The two have so many grandchildren, they say they can hardly keep up -- with 17 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren!

Their daughters say the family motto has always been: "You'll never be poor if you have laughter."

For a couple that survived hard economic times, it is evident what's held the family together all these years.

"Little bit of trust, that's all I know," Wayne said.

Wayne and Polly say they truly are grateful for one another.

"She takes care of me. She's always done that. Got to give her credit for that," Wayne said.

They each have their own passions. For Wayne, it's fishing, and for Polly, antiques and books.

The two say marriage is all about compromise and commitment, and vowing to stay together through good times and bad.

Wayne and Polly will renew their wedding vows on their 70-year anniversary this coming September.