Misdemeanor charges to be filed in Shorewood standoff

SHOREWOOD (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday, July 11th no charges will be filed against a man accused of prompting a tactical situation in Shorewood in June. However after prior domestic violence cases came to light, the District Attorney's Office decided to pursue misdemeanor charges - not associated with the standoff - against Marquis Chapman, the man involved.

According to officials, ten outside agencies responded to a 911 call about a possible domestic violence in an apartment complex located in the 3500 block of Oakland Ave. in Shorewood.

During the call, officials say they heard people screaming. Shorewood Police Chief David Banasynzki said he could hear the fright in the caller's voice.

"The female called the sheriff`s department on her cell phone and said, 'Help I'm being held hostage, my boyfriend wont let me out of the house,'" Banasynzki said about the phone call. "And in the background you hear him screaming and yelling, 'Get the f- out here, what are you doing?'"

Upon arrival, no one answered the door or telephone. Officers attempted to persuade the individuals to come out, eventually requesting the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s SWAT Team to assist with entry into the apartment. Banasynzki said he and other officers were concerned for the women's safety

"Nobody will answer the door," Banasynski recalled. "Is he beating her? Did he rape he? Did he kill her?"

Three hours later, the pair eventually emerged and the situation ended peacefully after a man called police and asked what he should do to resolve the situation. Police told him to come out of his apartment with his hands up, which he did.

Both Chapman and his girlfriend were taken into custody. There, another domestic violence case surfaced. According to the criminal complaint, Chapman's girlfriend was allegedly trying to leave a bus stop, however Chapman would not let her and struck her in the face

The District Attorney's Office has decided to charge Chapman with disorderly conduct and misdemeanor battery, habitual criminality repeater only from the last offense.