Minor's Garden Center 'a lot busier a lot sooner than we normally are' amid 'Safer at Home' order

Henry Beck

MILWAUKEE -- Several people took advantage of temperatures in the 70s during the first weekend in May to get a start on their spring planting. Gardening can be a great way to stay busy during the "Safer at Home" order in place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"We're a lot busier a lot sooner than we normally are, and that's got to be because people have been sequestered in the house," said Henry Beck of Minor's Garden Center.

Because many have been stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, some have turned to planting as a way to stay busy.

"Now, with the warmer weather, you can get out and start using your hands, and start occupying your brain again," Beck said.

Minor's Garden Center

Minor's Garden Center

The month of May is the busiest season for Minor's Garden Center. This spring, though, has been a little different.

"The uncertainty of customers -- are you open, what can I get, is everything going to be gone?" said Beck.

The garden center is offering curbside pickup and delivery options to keep workers and customers safe during the pandemic.

Minor's Garden Center

Workers are practicing social distancing -- for those who like to pick out their plants in person.

"I might back up from a customer to sort of give them the idea that I'm social distancing," said Beck.

For those looking to begin spring cleaning their yard, Beck said to wait until mid-May, when the weather is more consistent.

If the weather drops below 40 degrees, Beck recommends covering any vegetables you might already have planted.

Most of all --- he  recommends having fun with it.

"Just realize there's not a plant police -- you can plant whatever you want!" said Beck.

Minor's Garden Center

If you'd like to order online, visit their website.