Milwaukee's teen birthrate for girls ages 15-17 at an all-time low

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's teen birthrate for girls ages 15 to 17 is at an all-time low.

According to the Milwaukee Health Department, teen pregnancy has dropped 65 percent since 2006, and that drop spans several social groups.

On Tuesday, August 8th, the United Way and Serve Marketing launched a new public advocacy campaign to celebrate and thank the community for its support.

They've been working on reducing teen pregnancy since 2008. Now they say it's time to thank those who are truly responsible.

"I want to say thank you personally and professionally to the kids and tweens and teens who have attended human development classes in schools and in community centers, who have talked with their parents and asked hard or even embarrassing questions, who have demanded the truth and given opportunities to succeed. This is your success. This is yours to celebrate today," Nicole Angresano, VP of United Way said.

The "thank you" campaign honors teens for abstaining from sex.

CLICK HERE to access the Baby Can Wait campaign.