Milwaukee's NRA Carry Guard Expo expected to be met with protesters

NRA Carry Guard Expo

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands of people will be visiting Milwaukee this weekend from all over the country, but they're not being met with a warm welcome. The visitors will be in town for a National Rifle Association (NRA) Carry Guard Expo.

As tens of thousands are expected to be at the Wisconsin Center for the event that takes place Friday, August 25th through Sunday, August 27th -- several groups are expected to rally in opposition.

"This is a celebration of the self-defense, concealed-carry and personal protection lifestyle," said Jason Brown, NRA Media Relations.

Inside the Wisconsin Center, they are ready for the expo -- out on the streets will be a different crowd.

"The NRA is not welcomed in Milwaukee," said Anneliese Dickman, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort.

NRA Carry Guard Expo

"Our message is peace overall. We feel like somebody has to be the grown up in this world," said Sam Alford, community organizer.

The NRA will be hosting the three-day event with speakers and seminars.

"We're framing this event as an educational experience for folks to come in, to see the latest product, to talk to experts, take courses and training," said Brown.

Protesters say their very presence is an insult.

"The NRA is here in Milwaukee, because they want to make a profit off of the pain that we feel here from gun violence," said Dickman.

Anneliese Dickman

Protesters are taking issue most with what is being sold, not guns, but insurance. The NRA says the carry guard insurance protects gun owners who may shoot and kill someone protecting themselves.

"We cover members who have a policy, who legally use their firearm in self-defense," said Brown.

"It's essentially murder insurance," said Alford.

While both sides disagree on gun issues, they say they'll stay peaceful as both exercise their constitutional rights.

"We don't expect there to be any issue whatsoever," said Brown.

NRA expo

"We're just trying to grow the movement, keep our voices loud," said Dickman.

Protests will be taking place at Ziedler Park Friday evening. Around that same time, the expo will have a concealed-carry fashion show. Demonstrators will have a fashion show of their own remembering victims of gun violence.

NRA expo