Milwaukee's iconic "Safe House" is sold: "This is a local institution and a city treasure"

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's Safe House has been sold, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

The Business Journal reports the dining and entertainment arm of The Marcus Corp. is taking ownership of the Safe House. A new menu is planned, among other changes to the spy-themed restaurant and bar.

"This is a local institution and a city treasure. We're not changing the Safe House. What makes it special is not going to change. We're going to be working on the margins," Greg Marcus, CEO and president of The Marcus Corp. told the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Dave Baldwin, the owner and creator of the Safe House is retiring nearly 50 years after opening the business, the Business Journal reports.

The Safe House is located off Wells Street near Water Street.

The Marcus Corp. assumes ownership of the Safe House on Tuesday, June 16th.

So will the secret password required for entry to the Safe House change?

"I can't tell you that. That's confidential. There's no discussion of the password," Greg Marcus told the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Mark Kass, the president of the Milwaukee Press Club issued this statement regarding the Safe House and the Newsroom Pub:


I wanted to let everyone know that the Marcus Corp. announced Monday that it purchased the Safe House and the Newsroom Pub from Dave and Shauna Baldwin. It is taking over ownership today.

I had several conversations with Marcus Corp. CEO Greg Marcus in recent weeks as the sale was being put together. From the beginning, he has been firmly committed and excited about having the Milwaukee Press Club remain at the Safe House. In fact, when we talked Monday afternoon, his exact quote was “we want you (the Press Club) to remain as part of the Safe House. There is no question about it.”

Greg and the Marcus Corp. have been big supporters of the Press Club and he is excited about having us as part of the restaurant. I expect few, if any changes in our relationship as Marcus begins to update the restaurant and menu. It will be a great partnership.

I want to thank Dave and Shauna Baldwin for their tremendous support of the Milwaukee Press Club. They have been great hosts for many years and we will miss working with them.

Mark Kass
Milwaukee Press Club