Milwaukee's Hayat Pharmacy customers can now have prescription drugs delivered

MILWAUKEE -- A pharmacy with a business plan that could be a life-saver. The new Hayat Pharmacy located on N. 53rd and Villard Avenue in Milwaukee, is serving the Hmong community by delivering prescriptions to its customers.

While it might seem like just a convenience, for some it can actually be the difference between life and death.

The operations manager says he lost his father to a stroke partly because he wasn't able to pick up his medications.

"It's hard to get there first of all, when you get there there's the language barrier, and then you wait for your kids, they're too busy, and they really can't -- sometimes you have to wait weeks and two weeks. I feel like that's not fair," said Shue Her, Hayat Pharmacy operations manager.

Her says his fathers issues inspire him to work in this community. Not only does the pharmacy deliver medications, it will also send pharmacists to homes to instruct customers on proper medication use.