Milwaukee woman worried about loved ones in native Oklahoma

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- As of 8:00 p.m. Monday, May 20th, 51 people had been confirmed killed after a massive tornado struck the suburbs of Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon. Seven of those killed were children from the Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma.

As the scene unfolded on Monday afternoon, many watched live coverage of the twister, and then after the storm pushed through, people took in the unbelievable destruction left in its wake.

In Milwaukee, some were worried about loved ones near the storm's path.

Shayla Sromek says since Sunday, her thoughts have included friends and former classmates in her native Oklahoma that she hasn't been able to reach.

"A lot on my mind. There could be some bad news coming. I certainly hope not. I certainly hope everyone is okay," Sromek said.

Sromek's brother was in Oklahoma during Sunday's storms. She received a frightening picture message from him after a tornado passed near an Oklahoma business. However, Sromek said she was happy to learn her brother was okay.

"When you hear that people are okay it's 'oh, thank God,' Sromek said.

Meanwhile, the American Red Cross of Eastern Wisconsin says volunteers are ready if needed in Oklahoma. They could send two emergency response vehicles used to transport supplies like food and water.

Its Regional CEO Patty Flowers says money donations are needed, as well as blood.

"If you've done nothing else, consider donating blood. We know there may be a need down there," Flowers said.