Milwaukee residents prepare for four-inch rule enforcement

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- City of Milwaukee crews are on the move, preparing for Friday night's snowfall and if you park on city streets, you should be ready to do the same.

Milwaukee residents should be ready for the city to enforce its four-inch rule if the snow becomes heavy this weekend. Cars parked on city streets could be subject to a $40 ticket if they aren't moved when the rule goes into effect.

"We don't tow for four-inch rule, just ticket," said Wanda Booker with the City of Milwaukee.

Street signs designate which roads will be illegal to park on should the city declare the four-inch rule.

"If there's a lot of snow and it comes down to it, I'll be up and I'll move it," said Chris Felhaber. "But if it's late at night and there's still no snow then I'll take my chances."

Public Works crews are anticipating a busy weekend of snow removal. City streets were pre-treated with salt starting around 1 p.m. Friday to help prevent ice from forming.