MPS: 59% of those surveyed opt for return to classroom

Milwaukee Public Schools students in grades K-3 through third grade are set to return to the classroom Wednesday, April 14.

How full each school will be varies greatly by the school. At Oliver Wendell Holmes School, 49% of parents said their child will return to in-person learning. And how many said "yes" will dictate what classes at the school may look like.

Cory Colman enjoyed the beautiful day on April 6 with his son, Nazire -- feeling excited he'd be going back to school next week.

"I’m feeling good," Colman said. "I prefer for them to go back. I mean the home thing, it was OK, but I prefer to have hands-on and be there. It’s better that way."

Cory Colman with his son, Nazire

All MPS parents were sent a survey in late March asking if they wanted to return to in-person learning.

Districtwide, 59% said they wanted to return. The rest will stay virtual for the remainder of the school year. The school with the highest percentage is Samuel Clemens School, where 85.6% said yes.

Milwaukee Public Schools survey

No matter the school's percentage, classrooms are limited to between 15 and 18 students. So, what happens if more than 18 students in a class said yes? That question was brought up several times by teachers in a Q&A sent to the MPS administration.

The administration said classrooms will be divided, meaning some students will be sent to other rooms, possibly with other teachers and possibly with other grades to keep each class size below 18. An exact plan for each school has not yet been released.

Oliver Wendell Holmes School

Colman this his son is ready for whatever in-person learning throws his way.

"Hands-on is like the best thing," Colman said.

Several parents who talked to FOX6 News on Tuesday did not know the survey was due by April 1. If parents did not fill out the survey, their child defaulted to virtual learning for the rest of the year.

To view the survey results broken down by school, visit

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