Milwaukee promotes summer safety, efforts to reduce violence

The number of homicides and shootings in Milwaukee are at an all-time high. 

The mayor and city leaders say it's a top priority to reduce violence in the city. 

Mayor Barrett says he’s aware and he stands firm that violence prevention works.

"For four consecutive years we saw a decrease in homicides and shootings in the city of Milwaukee but in 2020 we saw a sharp, sharp, increase," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

Just last night, a man in his 20s died from a shooting on Milwaukee's south side. The Milwaukee Police Department says the shooting injured two other men. 

According to police, there have been 62 homicides and 309 non-deadly shootings in 2021 from January 1 to May 27. That's compared to 61 homicides and 162 non-deadly shootings in 2020 during the same period.

"Law enforcement is a key part of the response," the mayor said.

Barret says another significant way to reduce crime in the city is with community response. 

Derrick Rogers with 414 Life shares ways his organization plans to prevent violence in the city this weekend. 

"First spending time in our county parks and adjacent areas that are frequented by youth and young adults and popular for spirited gatherings," Rogers said.

414 Life also plans to offer real-time tips for de-escalating or mediating conflicts and it's working according to the director of the Milwaukee Office of Violence prevention. 

"What you don’t see is the violence that doesn’t happen and so the 414 LIFE team, credible messengers, are out making sure that things don’t happen and those are the numbers you’ll never see," Arnitta Holliman said.

Barret says every time a violent incident happens in the city, it's important to remember what lead up to that violence is different with each case. 

"And we’re dealing with human beings and so you don’t have a cookie-cutter approach on how to address it but we’re committed to addressing it," Barrett said.

414 Life says it will also have its members outside nightclubs and popular social gatherings to promote peace and ways to avoid conflict. 

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