Milwaukee police warn elderly of con artists

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police and WE Energies are warning residents that live on the city's south side to be aware of a crew of con artists who have struck the area several times since January 25th, targeting the elderly.

These criminals gain entry to homes by posing as We Energies workers or contractors who want to check the roof for leaks. They ask the homeowner to get a bucket of water from the basement. While the elderly person is retrieving the water, the thieves ransack the home, stealing jewelry, cash and other valuables.

The thieves took thousands of dollars in savings from one couple - a husband and wife in their 90s.

Police say the con artists have been working between S. 45th and S. 90th streets, from Morgan to Oklahoma.

Milwaukee police advise people not to open their doors to people they don't know.

Legitimate utility workers will have identification and won't be offended if you ask them to wait outside your house while you call the utility to confirm they are doing work in the area. You can call WE Energies at 1-800-242-9137 to verify.

Police are urging residents to call the police if they see anything suspicious, they advise witnesses to write down descriptions of the vehicles and their identities.