Milwaukee Police Union wants to overturn residency requirements

MILWAUKEE -- Should police officers and firefighters be forced to live in the community they're serving? There is a bill being reviewed by the Wisconsin State Legislature Tuesday that could strip those residency requirements.

Right now, to be a Milwaukee police officer or firefighter, individuals have to live in the city of Milwaukee, but the Milwaukee Police Union wants that requirement overturned.

Milwaukee police officers and firefighters argue that they should have the option to live wherever they want, claiming the residency requirements is a "Liberty of Freedom" issue.

Mayor Barrett has spoken out in strong opposition to the proposal along with several Milwaukee aldermen.

Monday night, Milwaukee County Supervisor, Eyon Biddle released a statement saying removing the residency requirements could "cripple Milwaukee" and would be "terribly unwise."

"Police officers and firefighters provide vital services to taxpayers and residents of our great community. If the residency requirements are eliminated, sooner or later, taxpayers in Milwaukee will see taxes and fees increase, along with the continued deterioration of local government services," Biddle said.

Many opposing the move also think it's something that should be controlled on a local level.

A Legislative Committee is voting on the proposal Tuesday.