Milwaukee police officer arrested for 'endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon'

MILWAUKEE -- A 37-year-old Milwaukee police officer was booked into the Milwaukee County Jail on Tuesday, Jan. 28 on $500 bail.

The male officer began employment with the city in 2015, according to the Department of Employee Relations. MPD confirmed the officer has four years with the department.

The officer was arrested by MPD for "endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon."

Attorney Russell Jones, not involved with this case, said that charge means just that -- endangering the safety of others while armed.

"Police officers are allowed to carry firearms as part of their job, and therefore, have a heightened scrutiny as to what they do while they're armed," said Jones. "In this case, either it would be impaired, or might be some other version of handling it negligently, pointing it at someone improperly, things of that nature."

Milwaukee police did not release the officer's name Tuesday because no charges were filed -- but Jones said the outcome could be serious.

"A police officer would be looking at a suspension, very likely discharge if he's convicted," said Jones. "We don't know the facts so we shouldn't convict him, but if he is convicted, it could very well impact his employment."

An investigation was ongoing.