Milwaukee officials offer tips for staying safe, parking legally during heavy snow

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's Department of Public Works says crews have been planning for storms like the one coming all season long. But since it's been pretty mild the past few weeks, city officials are reminding people what to keep in mind during a winter storm.

During a press conference, officials reminded people to follow the winter parking rules and alternate side street parking. The DPW says citations have increased this year -- starting at a $50 fine -- and after a thirds citation, your car could be towed.

If you have to go outside for the storm, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says to watch your speed, put the phone down and allow yourself more time to stop.

DPW crews have been prepping for the snow all week -- covering the streets with salt brine. 350 pieces of equipment are ready to go, and the DPW says it's ready. Now, it's just about waiting out the storm.

Mayor Barrett recommends getting alerts so you can stay up-to-date:

"Sign up for the texting, sign up for these alerts so that you can know what the rules are. Again, we do not want to play 'gotcha' or 'getcha' with these (parking) rules, but we want to make sure we're doing everything we can so that we can clear the street."

The mayor also reminded people that if you don't have to go out Saturday -- stay indoors. The DPW says it will have a better idea of whether to declare a snow emergency on Saturday morning.