Milwaukee officials discuss possibility of full restaurant reopening; jury trials to resume at Courthouse

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee health officials are discussing the possibility of allowing restaurants to open at full capacity. Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik said during a COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday afternoon, June 23 that the city is exploring a pilot program.

In the program, the Milwaukee Health Department would work with restaurants on an approved plan. The program would not apply to bars -- but restaurants only. Kowalik said more details will be released within the next week.

Milwaukee County Courthouse

Also announced Tuesday, jury trials in Milwaukee County will resume on July 20, and officials said the public can start to see jury summons letters in the mail as early as next week.

The chief judge said it is important to honor individuals' rights to a speedy trial, and the court is working to create a more racially equitable justice system.

"Many individuals currently in our justice system awaiting trial are people on color. And that's why it's absolutely imperative that individuals have their cases presented to a jury of their peers, and that we have very diverse jury participation that is representative of Milwaukee County residents," said Chief Judge Mary Triggiano.

Triggiano said safety measures will be implemented throughout the courthouse complex. Masks will be required.