Milwaukee mural honors Breonna Taylor, shot and killed by Louisville police

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6's cameras on Tuesday, June 9 captured Milwaukee artists working on another mural -- this one near Holton Street and Locust Street. It's in memory of Breonna Taylor.

The 26-year-old aspiring nurse was killed on March 13 after being shot eight times by Louisville police officers. Her mother, Tamika Palmer, filed a lawsuit to get justice for her daughter. It accuses the officers of wrongful death, excessive force and gross negligence.

According to court documents, the officers executed a drug warrant at Taylor’s home, searching for a male suspect who didn’t live in her apartment complex and had already been detained by authorities when the police officers stormed in. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was also inside the apartment and shot at officers when they attempted to enter without announcing who they were and why they were there.

The lawsuit claims more than 20 rounds were fired into Taylor’s apartment. None of the police officers involved have been charged in connection with the shooting.

Walker, a licensed gun owner who was not injured in the shooting, was arrested and faces charges of first-degree assault and attempted murder of a police officer. His defense attorney said in court filings that Walker fired in self-defense because he thought the officers were trying to break in.

The Milwaukee tattoo artists working on the mural said they hope to make four or five more around the city.

A mural honoring George Floyd was created June 4 Holton and North Avenue.