Milwaukee mom's 'Kia Boys' rant goes viral

A Milwaukee mom is fed up after she says she was taunted by the "Kia Boys." 

Her anger is heard in a viral video on social media. 

The woman says she almost crashed her car trying to get away from the incident. She also says she could’ve been seriously hurt.

Laporche Kimber

We want to warn you, the language you're going to hear in this story may be offensive. 

"Listen, ya’ll need to get ya’ll stupid (expletive) ignorant kids, for real," said Laporche Kimber.

In a now-viral video, Kimber's message is loud and clear.

"This (expletive) is not okay, at all," she's heard saying in the video.

Kimber happened to be driving near Marshall High School, Thursday morning around 10, when a group of young men, in a Kia pulled up the street.  

"These mother (expletive) see me. I damn near run into somebody’s trying to get out of they way. Had to pull up in somebody else’s driveway and these mother (expletive) still coming from me." 

Kimber says the car continued to skid and swerve and at one point it even pulled up behind her. 

"Hanging out the car laughing, smiling, just got the music up just really loud." 

She's convinced those in the car are part of a group called the "Kia Boys." They’re known to steal Kias and Hyundais throughout Milwaukee and drive recklessly. 

"These children are not in school like they’re supposed to be. We are out here just doing our normal daily routine," Kimber said.

LaPorche Kimber

She says after posting her video online, many people messaged her. 

"It really felt good to know that, you know, that you’re really not on these type of things alone and I think that’s why the video did get so much attention," she said.

After a day to think about what happened, Kimber realized something. 

"Some of these kids are really skilled drivers," she said.

She says she'd like to have a community discussion to help the young men use their skills for good. 

"We’re upset and we’re fed up. You know, something has to happen right now today," said Kimber.

She sticks by everything she mentioned in her viral video, however, Kimber says she does wish she used fewer expletives.

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