Milwaukee man in Hollywood Week on American Idol

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man was on stage during American Idol's Round One of Hollywood Week Tuesday night when Idol contestant Symone Black fell off the stage! 23-year-old Scott Dangerfield is a contestant on the show this season, and says the pressure is intense!

Dangerfield says he knows first-hand what Black went through during her fall on Tuesday night. He says it's not easy being up on the American Idol stage in front of people like Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Travis. "It's like a pressure cooker. You either get through it and you get through it fast, or you fall, like a lot of people did, literally, this year," Dangerfield said.

Dangerfield's success thus far in Season 11 of Idol follows an abbreviated appearance during Season 10. Last season, Dangerfield earned a spot in the Hollywood shows, but the Green Bay native says his student teaching assignment at UW-Milwaukee's Hartford University School was too important to abandon, so he skipped the trip to Hollywood. Dangerfield says it was tough explaining this decision to his 38 students. "They said 'man, Jennifer said you were her favorite and you didn't go to Hollywood?' I said 'I stayed for you guys,' and they said 'you should've went!'" Dangerfield said.

Dangerfield says he made the decision because he knows how important education is. "If money is what you want, education is going to lead you to it. Fame is only important in that you have that responsibility to be a good role model," Dangerfield.

This year, without a teaching job, the lead-singer of the local band "Crash County" accepted his invitation to American Idol's Hollywood Week, and says he's watching and waiting to find out if he makes it back. "People see my face and hear my voice and maybe say 'oh, I wonder about this guy,' and type me in. We'll have that album out, and that's how opportunities are made and doors are opened up," Dangerfield said.