Milwaukee man faces 5 charges for allegedly choking, intimidating, forcing sex acts on inmate

James Faulkner

TOWN OF DOVER, Wis. -- A corrections officer from the Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center is in custody, facing multiple charges after sexually assaulting an inmate.

James Faulkner, 35, is facing the following charges:

    According to a criminal complaint, an officer responded to Ellsworth Correctional Facility in the Town of Dover for the report of a correctional officer having sexual intercourse with an inmate on Friday, June 28.

    The inmate reported on June 10, she was working on a third shift paint crew when Faulkner came up behind her and touched her inappropriately. He then called her into a nearby "copy room" and instructed her to perform a sex act on him. The inmate then performed the act on Faulkner, and she said an unnamed party acted as a lookout on Faulkner's behalf.

    The inmate told police Faulkner approached her in the bathroom of the facility on June 11 and put his hand around her neck. The inmate said Faulkner began to choke her, and then "laughed about how red she was from being choked." The inmate reported the choking caused her pain, and she could not breathe while Faulkner had his hand around her neck. Faulkner then grabbed the victim and told her "she had better not say anything because he had people that could beat her (expletive) and send her back to Taycheedah Correctional Facility." The inmate reported that Faulkner told her that he had looked at her "case file" and said she would have her sent back to Taycheedah.

    The inmate said the next week, she saw Faulkner in passing. She said Faulkner said that when he came onto her floor, he "would jingle his keys, meaning she needed to come and meet him." The inmate said Faulkner told her he picked up a shift on Saturday, June 22 to be with her. The victim said Faulkner told her she would be performing sex acts on him that night, "so don't go to sleep."

    The inmate reports that Faulkner then motioned her out of her room on June 22 during third shift. They went into a kitchen area, and Faulkner forced her to perform another sex act on him while pulling her hair. The inmate kept Faulkner's DNA evidence on her shirt "so people would believe her" because there are no cameras in the area of her room.

    The next day, the inmate reported Faulkner continued to make comments to her, threatening her and telling her not to tell anyone.

    An investigator spoke to Faulkner, who initially denied that he had the inmate perform sex acts on him. Faulkner then said the inmate was "hitting on him" and he "kinda gave in." Faulkner admitted to his DNA being on the inmate's shirt, and said it was "his error" and admitted to making a mistake. Faulkner told the investigator that nothing happened on June 10, and that he never forced the inmate to do anything because he doesn't have the power to send her back to Tayhcheedah.

    Faulkner told investigators he never forced the inmate, he never threatened her with any statements and never choked her or grabbed her, stating he "isn't that type of guy." When searching Faulkner, investigators found a six-inch folding Husky brand razor knife, which is not allowed in the institution.

    Faulkner is currently being held in the Racine County Jail with a bond of $177,500.00