Milwaukee man charged in double shooting on city's south side that ended with 1 dead

Eliseo Calderon-Torres

MILWAUKEE -- Eliseo Calderon-Torres is charged in connection with a double shooting on Milwaukee's south side on Sunday, March 1. Calderon-Torres, 21, faces the following criminal counts:

    According to the criminal complaint, Milwaukee police were dispatched to investigate a shooting in the neighborhood near 15th and Lapham shortly before 4 a.m. on Sunday, March 1. When officers arrived on the scene, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound lying on the grass. That man was pronounced deceased on the scene. A second man on the scene "had a graze wound to his back."

    Double shooting near 15th and Lapham -- one man killed

    Police spoke with two witnesses who shared similar versions of what happened that early morning. They both indicated two groups of people got into a shoving match at a restaurant in the area. The complaint says "security from the restaurant separated the groups before the shoving match could escalate." One group left -- and a few minutes later, the second group departed the restaurant. Video surveillance from the restaurant shows the two groups in the shoving match and the complaint says Calderon-Torres" is identifiable in the video and at one point is seen throwing a glass of water at the other group."

    One witness indicated while her group was walking home from the restaurant, "a car drove up and the occupants fired guns at them." The witness viewed a lineup and identified Calderon-Torres "as one of the men that was inside the car while the occupants were shooting." A second witness also indicated seeing "the barrels of two guns poking out of the front passenger window of the car during the shooting."

    Double shooting near 15th and Lapham -- one man killed

    Police located and arrested Calderon-Torres. In the complaint, Calderon-Torres "admitted being present in the restaurant for the altercation and being part of the group that was involved in it. He said that afterwards he and his friend left. They got guns and went in a car looking for the other group." Calderon-Torres told police he used "an assault type of rifle during the shooting, which he fired at the group through the open window of the car. He said that the driver of the car was shooting a handgun at the same time." The complaint says Calderon-Torres "expressed remorse for having participated in what turned out to be a fatal shooting."

    Calderon-Torres was expected to appear in intake court on Tuesday, March 10.