Milwaukee Housing Authority building: 230 units, 1 working elevator

The Locust Court Housing Authority building in Milwaukee has 24 floors with 230 apartment units, but there is only one working elevator. Many of the residents are seniors or disabled.

The broken elevator is a big problem that has been lingering for months. Residents say it's been down since December 2022. 

It's caused long waits, crowded rides and issues for those who can't easily get around.

At the Locust Court apartment building, the lobby has been busy.

"At least about 20-minute wait, and then it finally comes, and it be full, and if the elevator is full, I got to wait again," said Wilma Gibson.

Gibson has lived in the Housing Authority building for 17 years. She said it's been difficult getting around in her motorized scooter, but she said on Monday, March 20 that the last three months have been some of the most frustrating.

"I live on the 19th floor, and it’s hard to get down," said Gibson.

Residents said one of the two elevators in the front lobby has been broken since December.

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"Right now, we need something to get it going," said Anita Walker.

Residents said they've reported the issue, but the elevator still hasn't been fixed. For many, the stairs are not an option.

"It’s a lot of seniors and disabled people, and they aren’t able to walk," said Timothy Wilburn.

"Just imagine, there’s a scooter and a walker and another wheelchair trying to get on at the same time," said Gibson. "It’s impossible."

They want the elevator repaired and for their concerns to be addressed.

"They act like they don’t care about us," said Gibson. 

FOX6 reached out to the Milwaukee Housing Authority about the broken elevator and did not hear back Monday. 

Some residents said there's an issue with a part, and that's why it's taken so long, but they haven't gotten a clear answer.