Milwaukee Food and City Tours restarting walking tours, groups limited to less than 12

Theresa Nemetz

MILWAUKEE -- Many businesses were relying on thousands of visitors to come to Milwaukee this summer. However, with most big events canceled, travel companies are being forced to pivot.

There is a lot to explore in the City of Milwaukee. The question is whether there is the demand to explore it by the people who live here.

"Really, every day is a new day, and we are learning new things about what our customers want and what our customers need, as well as really, what the state of travel is," said Theresa Nemetz, owner Milwaukee Food & City Tours.

Nemetz said she's had to drastically change her business to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Nationally, we’ve spoken to a lot of mentors in the industry, and I really do think travel is going to be one of the last things that is going to be opening," said Nemetz.

For two months, Nemetz has designed and sold various care packages that highlight local restaurants and companies. She's sold almost 2,000 kits.

"It’s just a great way to showcase not only what we do, but all the different food vendors in Milwaukee," said Nemetz.

With restrictions lifting, she's now looking at another option to highlight the city. Starting the first weekend of June, they'll once again be offering walking tours. Groups will be limited to less than 12, and new technology will help keep people 6 feet apart.

"We also are using a new headset unit where our tour guide has a headset on and our tour attendees have earphones, so then they can hear the tour guide but they can actually socially distance as far as they want, to feel comfortable," said Nemetz.

The tours begin during the first weekend of June. Private tours are also an option.

The company is also continuing to sell care packages. A new "Schools Our For Summer" activity kit launched this week.

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