Milwaukee firefighters, Admirals announce partnership with Warm Up Winter program

MILWAUKEE-- The Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD), Milwaukee Admirals and Traction Factory kicked off on Thursday, Nov. 29 their joint partnership in association with the 2018-19 Warm Up Winter program.

MFD works with Milwaukee Public Schools to determine the areas of greatest need. They then identify specific schools that do not currently receive other special funding or donations from similar initiatives -- and work with them to provide warm coats for the winter season.

The Warm Up Winter program is now in its fourth year -- and officials say so far they have provided 16,000 new coats to 36 complete elementary schools.

In Thursday's announcement, the Admirals also revealed they will wear special warm-up jerseys to help promote the Warm Up Winter program.

CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to the Warm Up Winter program.