Milwaukee El Rey shootout, man killed was wanted

A triple shooting at a south side grocery store that left two people dead Saturday, July 9 is being reviewed by the district attorney's office. Police say a security guard was shot by another man and that man was then shot by another security guard.

Family says Luis Lorenzo, 36, would often come to El Rey for food. They say he was profiled by store security. In the end, police say Lorenzo shot and killed security guard Tony Nolden during an altercation and another security guard shot and killed Lorenzo.

Two families are mourning.

Luis Lorenzo

"It shouldn’t have happened, for one," said NaTeisha Nolden, Tony's niece.

Police say Anthony "Tony" Nolden, 59, was shot and killed by Lorenzo Saturday.

"My uncle went to work to do a job," said NaTeisha Nolden. "My uncle didn’t go to work to hurt nobody."

It happened at the El Rey on Cesar Chavez. Nolden worked as a security guard nearly his entire life, remembered as a great employee and amazing father.

Police say Lorenzo was shot and killed by another security guard.

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"Their job was to observe and report," said Wanda Rodriguez, Luis' sister. "They didn’t do that. They chased him down and attacked him."

Anthony Nolden

On Monday, Lorenzo's family pointed the finger at the security company. Family said Lorenzo was paranoid, had mental health problems and that security escalated the situation.

"They profiled him by wearing a backpack and a ski mask," said Rodriguez, who said she doesn't know if Luis had a gun.

What is known is that Lorenzo was wanted at the time for failing to appear on felony drug dealing charges. Twice, his $5,000 bond was forfeited. He also had a pending federal drug case.

"He was out on bail, and he had some pending state cases and a federal case he pleaded guilty to," said FOX6's Bill Miston. 

"Absolutely was. That’s why we protected him, and he was also very cautious," said Rodriguez. "Didn’t want to cause even more disturbance."

"So you were helping him evade law enforcement?" asked Miston. 

Luis Lorenzo

"Absolutely not," said Rodriguez. "I was protecting him. He was afraid. He was paranoid. He was dealing with a lot of issues."

The owner of Marshal Public Safety is not commenting on what happened at the store.

Milwaukee police said Monday the case is being reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.