Milwaukee day care shot up, owner too scared to return

A Milwaukee day care near 38th and Brown was hit by bullets Tuesday, April 12. Too scared to return after crawling across the room to save a baby, the owner says she's moving the business.

The owner told FOX6 News seven children were inside the Little Warriors day care when people started shooting outside.

When bullets came into the building, panic set in.

"I looked up, and I had a 1-year-old in her high chair and bullets were still coming through the window," said the owner.

The Milwaukee daycare owner didn’t want to show her face, fearing for her safety.

"I don’t know who can come for me or my business," she said.

She said she does want to share her story of protection and survival.

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"I  immediately put my kids on the ground. Immediately," said the owner.

A bullet, bullet holes, shattered glass were left behind after the shooting. The owner said she crawled across the room the save a baby.

"I still have blood on my elbows and scratches on my elbows," she said. "I took that high chair down. I snatched her down, and I protected her with my own."

The father of one child said the incident left him shaken.

"I could’ve lost my little girl, and that hurts me," said James Cooper.

Police said a 28-year-old man was arrested at the scene for illegal possession of a firearm, but no arrests have been made for the actual shooting.

"I hope everyone that is involved in the matter is held accountable for their actions," said the owner.

The day care owner said she isn't ready to return to the home where the shooting happened, but she is grateful for her seven little warriors.

"Everybody laid down, and they did a great job," she said. "I’m really proud of my children that day.

The day care owner said the shooting happened after her neighbor and someone else got into an argument.

The 28-year-old who was arrested told police he got into a shootout with people chasing him and his girlfriend. 

The day care owner plans to open up business again in another location. 


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