Milwaukee crews harvest 98th Milwaukee City/County Christmas tree

The 98th Milwaukee city/county Christmas tree was harvested Monday morning from the home of the Sullivan family.

The tree is a 35-foot-plus Colorado Blue-Spruce, and although loved by the family, as an endless source of bird-watching, the family says they knew they'd eventually have to have the tree removed, as it is overtaking the yard, and the roots are expanding underneath.

Dianna Sullivan says the family will have to come up with a new way to help visitors find their home once the tree is removed.

"We had a perfect sight from my son's bedroom to birdwatch, and we no longer will have that," said Dianna Sullivan.

The Sullivan's tree was picked from more than 100 applicants. It's been on the donor list for two years.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Alderman Joe Dudzik, and Forestry Services Manager David Sivyer were on hand Monday morning to harvest the tree.

Before the tree was hauled away, the Sullivans took one final picture in front of it with Mayor Barrett.

An hour later, the tree was being erected at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee. City crews will begin stringing lights as early as Saturday.

The Sullivan family will join Mayor Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele for the tree lighting ceremony on November 17 at Red Arrow Park.