Milwaukee County Zoo groundhog euthanized; fluid in chest

The Milwaukee County Zoo announced Thursday, March 9 that its beloved groundhog, Gordy, was humanely euthanized on March 3.

According to the Milwaukee County Zoo, a few days prior, the animal care team noted Gordy eating less than usual and acting lethargic. Fluid was found in his chest and after an examination it was determined that the fluid was blood – which usually means a cancerous mass has ruptured.

After a chest ultrasound, fluid was shown outside the lungs as well. The next day, Gordy declined, and zoo officials made the decision to humanely euthanize him. 

A complete necropsy (animal autopsy) will be performed, although cancer is suspected.

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"We are grateful for our time with Gordy the groundhog. His absence is felt, and he will be deeply missed," zoo officials said.  

Gordy was born in Indiana, and hand-raised. He’ll would have been 5 years old on April 6.