Milwaukee County inmates given free phone call to connect with families on Mother's Day

MILWAUKEE – Inmates at the Milwaukee County Jail and House of Correction were given free phone calls to talk with their families on Mother's Day.

The offer, proposed by the jail inmate phone provider, was approved by Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

CenturyLink offered one free five-minute phone call for every inmate. Citizen Action of Wisconsin organizers in Milwaukee recently reached out to request free calls.

“Inmates calling their mothers or a close family member on a special holiday such as Mother’s Day is a wonderful way for them to stay connected to their family support network," Schmidt said. "I thank CenturyLink for bearing the cost of the calls to make this possible.”

“The bond between parents and children never vanishes, no matter what your age or circumstances, and it’s vital for inmates to be able to maintain connections with their families," Abele said. "I appreciate that CenturyLink is providing this opportunity for families who are bearing the burden of incarceration to hear each other’s voice on Mother’s Day and take a few minutes to celebrate moms.”