Milwaukee County Board votes in favor of bringing Winter Farmers Market back to Domes

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted 14-2 on Thursday, May 24 in favor of returning the Milwaukee Winter Farmers Market to the Mitchell Park Domes in the 2018-19 season.

The winter farmers market provides a venue for about 50 vendors and draws nearly 2,000 visitors to the Mitchell Park Domes every Saturday from November through April.

A news release from the Milwaukee County Board says the "event was abruptly canceled without explanation from the Abele Administration earlier this year."

The release says at the May meeting of the Committee on Parks, Recreation and Culture, Abele Administration officials stated the winter farmer's market was cancelled because it costs the county about $230 per week to host the event, and that other events could bring in more money.

County Executive Chris Abele offered this statement on the Winter Farmers Market issue:

“I want to be clear on this: We love having the County and our Parks system being part of the Fondy Winter Farmers Market. It’s a wonderful event that many of our residents enjoy. The issue for us is twofold: First, as long as there is a possibility the Domes Annex could be closed for renovations during part of winter, we can’t in good faith promise that we’ll be able to host the winter market throughout the season. Second, even if we would be in a position to host the market all winter, we would want to find an agreement that makes financial sense for both the County and for Fondy. I appreciate the advocacy on the part of the Board, Fondy and everyone who has taken part in the market, and I look forward to the Domes and all our Parks continuing to be part of many wonderful community events in the future.”