Milwaukee Co. begins its spring cleaning along interstates

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Now that we've said goodbye to the snow, it's time to do the same to the*trash that was hidden underneath it. Milwaukee county department of transportation workers were out Friday picking it up. Their areas of focus were along county roads and the interstate.

“It's important to get out, get this taken care of and cleaned up and make sure the community is looking better,” said Brian Dranzik with the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation.

Brian Dranzik with the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation said they haven’t really received any resident complaints about it this year, but said if they would have let it go any longer he's sure the calls would have started coming in

“We didn`t really have a melting cycle throughout this winter to get to these types of things so it looks a lot worse than it has in past years,” said Dranzik.

Working on the side of the road, and especially right on the interstate, can be dangerous, but Dranzik explained that the workers are well-trained in safety precautions.

“These guys work on the interstate quite a bit. If they`re not doing this they are doing pothole repairs or other repairs to the system. So they are out there a bit. They are always mindful of safety. That`s something we are always going over,” said Dranzik.

But while they do their part, they are asking drivers to do the same, “Watch out for our crews and make sure that they are safe and that everyone is safe traveling through areas they are working in,” said Dranzik.

Dranzik said the crews will continue the cleanup into the days and weeks head.