Milwaukee Brewing ramps up production, meaning search of more employees

More beer? Yes, please.

Milwaukee Brewing Company has found a way to increase their annual beer production by 70%. And Friday, they added brand new tanks to their facilities.

Milwaukee Brewing Company is making some room for seven brand new tanks that will ultimately help them produce a variety of beverages.

"The consumer today wants more than just beer alone, they want a bunch of alcoholic products. SO we in this industry have pivoted and changed to make all those products consumers want," said Dave Hock, President and CEO of Milwaukee Brewing Company.

That means going from producing around 7 million pints per year to 24 million.

Not only does this make room for more beer, but also more employees.

"We’ve already hired a full second shift of production facility workers. New brewers, new brewers in our cellar. Those jobs are coming directly from Milwaukee," Hock said.

Dave Hock

This isn’t the only project Milwaukee Brewing has going on…

"Without the consumers and all of their support," he said. "We wouldn’t be here. We’re excited to roll out new products like our Local Haze and our Terra Buena hard seltzers and cocktails this summer to give them the products they want. They want new varieties, new opportunities to sample these products and they will all be ready to go, all mixed up in a can."

They are still hiring for production, brewing, and hospitality.

If you're interested in applying, click here.


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