Milwaukee artists unite to create George Floyd mural on city's north side

MILWAUKEE -- A handful of artists came together Thursday, June 4 in Milwaukee to create a mural in George Floyd's honor.

FOX6's cameras captured the creation coming together near North Avenue and Holton Street on Milwaukee's north side -- artists armed with spray paint and passion.

"Safe to say this is a place of peace," said Mario Hamilton.

Artists said it's a way to take action, and spread a message they hope will inspire change.

"We have all these different artists from all over the city," said Domonique Whitehurst. "Seeing there can be all these different types of people working together shows there can be a change in the world."


Whitehurst said a neighbor owns the building and wanted some sort of representation of George Floyd in the neighborhood -- his name and face the centerpiece.

"The whole world has been influenced by George Floyd," said Whitehurst. "Our lives do matter."

Their colorful expressions brought some much needed light on the seventh straight day of protests.

"I have to take every chance that I have, use every breath I have to breathe for the people who cannot breathe," said Gabriella West. "It's going to continue to never be OK if we don't stand up right now."

The mural was expected to be complete by Thursday night.