Milwaukee Art Museum prepares to open new exhibit "Nature and the American Vision"

MILWAUKEE -- While walking through the Milwaukee Art Museum, select visitors are getting a sneak peek into a new exhibit that serves as a reminder of what makes America great.

"Many of them are instantly recognizable. People come through the exhibition and they say 'I've been there. I've traveled through there. I've seen that,'" said Brandon Ruud, Abert Family Curator of American Art.

The "Nature and the American Vision: The Hudson River School" exhibit is filled with paintings from the 19th century depicting a rapidly industrializing country before nature changed.

"Topographically accurate, detailed, meticulous and highly finished," said Ruud.

Many of the works were created by artists from a group called the Hudson River School.

"A group of artists who traveled out of New York City up the Hudson River to paint the pristine wilderness in America," said Ruud.


Several of these pieces were even just on display at the Louvre in Paris.

"These are considered the first great art works created on America soil," said Ruud.

"Nature and the American Vision" opens at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Friday, February 26th and runs through May 8th.

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