Milwaukee 8th grader takes part in White House science fair

WASHINGTON D.C. -- President Barack Obama hosted the second White House science fair Tuesday, and one Milwaukee eighth-grader took part.

13-year-old Shireen Zaineb from Milwaukee Montessori School was honored, along with other winners in a National Science Competition. Zaineb created a game called "Discover" that earned her first place in the National STEM Video Game Challenge - designed to generate interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

The winners of the video game contest were selected from a group of over 500 entries for their ability to use STEM concepts to design engaging, innovative and well-balanced games.

Zaineb's game teaches players about concepts like mass, friction, weight and gravity through a series of platforming challenges in which players must jump a character through two-dimensional environments and collect items.

Other projects included city designs, robots, prosthetic hands and dissolvable sugar packets.