Milw. Police Chief Ed Flynn talks about solving violin case

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's been an exciting week for the Milwaukee Police Department. With the safe recovery of the stolen 1715 Lipinski Stradivarius violin, MPD is receiving praise from around the country.

"It's nice to go to Starbucks and see you're the police department in your city favorably portrayed on the front page of the New York Times. That's just plain good news for everybody," said Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

After interviews with CNN and other national media outlets, FOX6 Reporter Bret Lemoine sat down with Chief Flynn for a one on one interview to discuss the successful resolution of one of the biggest heists in Milwaukee's history.

"This case came at a time when our homicides were very, very low. Those take the most amount of time," said Chief Flynn. "The amount of time we put into it, given the fact it's basically a $6 million robbery, was not out of the ordinary for what one would do in a case of that magnitude."

Chief Flynn says the attention has boosted morale at the department and hopes that pride spreads throughout the entire city. Flynn also says the case has created a unique bond between the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the police department.

"Maybe we can take them to the shooting range and they can take us to the concert hall," joked Flynn.

On Monday, the violin will make its first stage debut since being recovered -- and it seems at least one new fan will soon be in the audience.

"I'll go see it when he's in Milwaukee. When that violin comes home, and home is Milwaukee, I'll go see it," said Chief Flynn.