Milw. native responsible for dramatic rescue in Aurora, Colorado

AURORA, Colorado -- It was a dramatic rescue on the streets of Aurora, Colorado. A woman holding a toddler in her arms was hit by a car, and both were pinned underneath. Sgt. Matt Brukbacher, a Milwaukee native, was the first called to the scene.

"I figured if we didn't get the car off them immediately, there would be some issues with breathing," Sgt. Brukbacher said.

Sgt. Brukbacher and an off-duty police sergeant rallied a group of bystanders.

"I kind of hollered at some of the folks from around and I said 'hey, let's get this car up.' We lifted that car like it was nothing," Sgt. Brukbacher said.

Freed from under the car, the woman and her child were rushed to the hospital.

A day later, Sgt. Brukbacher called his brother in Germantown.

"Said 'hey, there's gonna be something I'm in the media on,'" Steve Brukbacher said.

Steve Brukbacher says his younger brother is already a hero in his home -- especially to five-year-old Aiden, who wants to be a police officer like his uncle.

"Uncle Matt," who bought Aiden a child-sized police car last Christmas is a 1996 graduate of Pius High School. He went to Winona State before joining the Aurora Police Department.

"He wanted to be a cop since we were little kids, he was actually a part of the Wauwatosa Police Explorers post for the Boy Scouts," Steve Brukbacher said.

The mother pinned beneath the car is recovering from head injuries and broken bones. Her two-year-old had a few cuts and was released from the hospital.