Milw. man is instant millionaire with scratch-off lottery ticket

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- $30 made a Milwaukee man an instant millionaire -- and he nearly fainted when he saw he won the big prize.

The big winner is Richard McClain. He bought the winning scratch-off lottery ticket at a Kwik Pantry on Monday, March 10th. On Tuesday, she showed up at the store with the ticket. His third number at the top of the ticket was 33. A matching number below meant he won the big prize, $1 million.

"I sold like 5 thousand dollar winner, I sold a thousand dollar winner here and there, but that was the biggest ticket I've ever sold," said Gary Singh, owner of the Kwik Pantry.

Singh was in disbelief because he's been on a hot streak lately. In the last four months, his store also sold two jackpot Supercash tickets worth $350,000 each. Singh also says lottery sales at his Kwik Pantry are up nearly 30 percent recently.