MillerCoors employees picket during labor dispute

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Off the clock MillerCoors employees held what they call an "informational picket" on Thursday afternoon, August 8th. The workers are not on strike, but say it is a looming possibility.

Employees are in the middle of a contract negotiation and say a work stoppage may happen if a deal isn't reached.

"We want to make beer, we want to make money, we want to work and let's not get this construed, no one wants to be out here walking the sidewalks. We want to work," said Local 9 President Lance Agbuis.

"Worst case scenario is we're out on strike, 12 midnight on Tuesday night," said brewery worker representative Nick Sommerville.

More than 400 brewery workers' contracts expired on Friday, August 2nd, but were then extended to Tuesday, August 13th. Sommerville says the Union and MillerCoors don't seem to be close to a deal.

"I can't get into what we're negotiating about because we're negotiating," said Sommerville.

"All we want is a fair contract. We'll resolve these issues on Monday and Tuesday," said Agbuis.

A statement released by MillerCoors regarding the labor dispute says:

"As we continue to negotiate we remain hopeful that an agreement will be reached that is satisfactory to all parties. We are still in active discussions with the Union and choose to keep out perspective at the bargaining table."

Informational pickets were held in 2004 and 2007 but were quickly resolved. Workers say there hasn't been a stoppage since 1983.