Military veteran opens fire on cop during traffic stop in Oregon

PORTLAND, OR (CNN) -- Oregon police released dashcam video of a deadly shootout with a military veteran during traffic stop.

Officials say 34-year-old John Van Allen, a military veteran, was traveling with his three children when he was stopped by police. Following the stop, Allen got out of his vehicle wearing military fatigues -- with one hand behind his back.

The trooper repeatedly asked Allen to get back in his car. At that time, Allen opened fire on the trooper.  The trooper returned fire, hitting Allen, who then got back in his car and drove off.

According to a press release from the Sherman County District Attorney, Allen was found dead a half-mile down the road. Police say he had a single gunshot wound to his chest.

The children were not harmed.

The State Trooper was shot on the right side of the chest, but he did not suffer serious injuries.

The DA ruled the trooper's use of deadly force was justified.