"Mild goose chase" causes traffic slowdown on Highway 45

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A family of geese caused a bit of a traffic headache on Highway 45 southbound on Thursday evening, June 13th.

Two adult geese and three goslings walked southbound along US-45 to the Burleigh exit (Exit 43) where they attempted to walk down the off ramp -- before changing their minds and crossing the off ramp, back onto US-45 southbound.

The family of geese then crossed US-45 southbound, tying up traffic as two Sheriff's deputies flanked the geese to protect them from traffic on the highway.

Eventually, the geese made their way to the left shoulder of US-45, where Sheriff's deputies attempted to retrieve them and remove them from the busy highway.

This led to the two adult geese being startled, and flying over US-45 northbound -- nearly causing at least one traffic collision.

The three goslings were loaded into Sheriff's SUVs -- presumably to be evaluated by wildlife officials before possibly being released back into the wild -- in a safe area.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation traffic cameras caught the incident on camera -- and FOX6 LIVE-STREAMED the incident as it occurred.

Traffic was moving in the area when the geese weren't in the middle of the roadway -- but it was moving slowly.