Mike Pence to meet with Gov. Scott Walker, who is standing in for Tim Kaine during debate prep

MADISON — Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence met with campaign volunteers in Wisconsin, including Gov. Scott Walker's son.

Pence stopped by a Republican campaign headquarters outside of Madison Tuesday, September 27th after spending the afternoon with Walker preparing for his debate next week with Democrat Tim Kaine.

Walker is standing in for Kaine in debate preparations. Walker's son, Alex, is a senior at the University of Wisconsin and chairman of the college Republicans in Wisconsin.

Pence made some calls with campaign volunteers and greeted about two dozen workers, including Alex Walker. Pence asked Walker, "Are you hitting it hard here?"

Pence says Scott Walker has been "putting me through my paces" with debate prep in advance of next week's contest.

Pence's stop comes the day before Trump is to hold a rally in Waukesha.