Michigan woman leads Franklin police on 100 mph pursuit, tases officer prior to arrest

FRANKLIN -- Two people were injured, including a police officer, while recently trying to catch a carjacking suspect. The woman was arrested by police during a set-up at a Franklin motel.

Abby Swajanen

On Valentine's Day morning, Rudolph Pospiech left his truck running a few feet from his door at the Plaza Motel on S. 27th Street when police said 22-year-old Abby Swajanen took the wheel.

"I notice my door, my driver's door being opened -- and as I stepped outside, I saw a blonde-haired woman with a scar on her face," Pospiech said. "I had the door open trying to drag her out, and to no avail, she dragged me 20 yards."

After letting go, Pospiech was left scratched and bruised.

The suspect sped off, leading Franklin police on a high-speed pursuit north on 27th Street -- reaching 100 miles per hour and blowing three red lights. For the public's safety, police ended the pursuit, but later located the truck abandoned in a nearby parking lot.

"It was just totaled," Pospiech said.

But investigators were not done.

In a criminal complaint, they say they found Swajanen online offering sex for money -- and that she agreed to meet an undercover officer for two hours for $300 at the Staybridge Suites in Franklin last Saturday. But the plan hit a kink when the suspect ran into a back-up officer in full uniform in the hall.

Police say when Swajanen tried to run and they tased her three times. The chase continued into an elevator. As the doors closed, the complaint says Swajanen got hold of the taser and tased an officer. When the elevator doors reopened, police say they were there to make the arrest.

"I just hope she gets some help, but justice does need to be served," Pospiech said.

Swajanen remains in police custody, charged with four felonies including disarming and battery to an officer, fleeing and eluding, and vehicle theft. Swajanen is due back in court on March 4. If convicted, Swajanen faces up to 19 years in prison.