Michigan mom describes attempted home invasion caught on surveillance video

WAYLAND, Mich. — Summer Farrell was taking an afternoon nap with her young children on Wednesday when someone knocked on her front door she said. She wasn’t expecting company so she didn’t answer it. Ten minutes later, she heard the first kick rattle the doorframe.

“By the time I got from the couch to the door there was three more kicks to where it had moved my door casing,” Summer said during an interview near her home. “I opened the door to a guy standing there with a mask on.”

She said the man, who was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, was wearing a ski mask that covered his nose and mouth, black sunglasses and beanie hat. When she saw he had an airsoft gun in his hand, she slammed the door.

“I obviously ran to my phone and my kids,” Farrell said. “I called the police after that and they went across the street and got footage of it.”

BMG Used Car Dealership caught the activity on their surveillance video. It shows the men arriving at her Maple Street home at 1:10 p.m. and immediately begin kicking the door. The next minute, Farrell opens the door and slams it.

“Me being a mom I just thought I’d open the door and if somebody’s putting us in danger I’m going throw myself out there so that they don’t think I have kids in my home,” said Farrell.

Farrell said the men continued to kick at her door even after she shut it. On Thursday, the suspects' shoes marks were still on her door.

“We’ve chased down every lead” said Wayland Police Chief Steve Harper over the phone. “We’re actively looking.”

The investigation is ongoing. Farrell says she doesn’t know who would want to her hurt family but wants other parents to be prepared.

“I pretty much just wanted to get this out there for any moms, or even dads, like me that they just think everything’s okay everyday and like it’s not,” said Farrell with tears in her eyes. “You need to just like be prepared because like I could of lost my kids.”

***Anyone with information is asked to call the Wayland Police at (269) 792-9366***