Michael Marzion, former UWM police chief, then police captain has now been fired

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- FOX6 News has learned UW-Milwaukee's former police chief, who was demoted on August 25th to the position of police captain, has now been fired by the university.

Marzion was removed from his position as UW-Milwaukee's police chief on August 25th -- as the result of an investigation into communications Marzion had with a UWM student earlier this year.

Because of the rules governing Classified Service employees, Marzion returned to the position of police captain in the department, a job he held prior to being appointed chief. However, Marzion was on administrative leave while the university considered additional actions.

He was placed on administrative leave in June after he was accused of exchanging messages of a sexual nature with a female student back in April. That student filed a complaint -- saying their talk was "weird" and "not quite right."

An independent investigator ruled Marzion didn't harass the woman, but displayed "inappropriate and unprofessional" conduct.

Marzion was then placed on administrative leave -- until additional action was taken against him. He was terminated by the university on Friday, September 19th.

Gregory Habeck, who had been serving UWM as assistant chief and leading the department during Marzion's administrative leave was named the interim police chief when Marzion was demoted in August.

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