Michael Bloomberg, Democratic candidate for president, opens campaign HQ in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Michael Bloomberg, Democratic candidate for president, opened his first Wisconsin campaign office in Milwaukee Saturday, Dec. 21.

Bloomberg said he has the best interest of Wisconsinites in mind, and announced that he looks forward to many more visits to the state. Meanwhile, a spokeswoman with President Donald Trump's re-election campaign said she believes Bloomberg is running for the wrong reasons.

Michael Bloomberg

Less than one month after announcing his run for president, Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, was in the Cream City, hoping to win over Wisconsinites in the next election. The visit started with a tour of the Milwaukee Public Market, where Bloomberg met with local politicians and small business owners.

After getting a taste of what the Badger State has to offer, Bloomberg officially opened his Wisconsin campaign headquarters near 1st Street and Pittsburgh Avenue.

"Thank you all for coming and welcome to our new headquarters," said Bloomberg.

Michael Bloomberg

There, Bloomberg addressed issues he said he'll tackle if elected.

"Wisconsin is one of the key states in this country and certainly a key state in our electoral process," said Bloomberg. "We have homeless in the streets. We have guns, climate, education system, an immigration system... all these things are failing us, and we just can't go on this way."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, also in attendance for the visit, said as co-chair of the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee for the July 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, he'll remain neutral during the election process.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

"Well, I think what's fortunate is that I think he understands cities, but what I want to do is make sure all the candidates know they're welcome in this city, welcome in Wisconsin," said Mayor Barrett.

Off to tour more cities across the nation, Bloomberg said Saturday's visit to Milwaukee was the first of many to come.

"I think Wisconsin understands they are one of the keys to making sure Donald Trump is not our president for the next four years," said Bloomberg.

In a statement to FOX6 News, Anna Kelly, a spokeswoman with President Trump's re-election campaign said:

"Michael Bloomberg believes he can buy his way into Wisconsin and push the same radical policy ideas that plagued New York City during his tenure as mayor. Bloomberg was not good for New York and certainly will not look out for the best interests of Wisconsinites."