Michael Bell Sr. speaks out on Chrystul Kizer, facing life in prison in shooting of alleged trafficker

Michael Bell Sr.

KENOSHA -- Michael Bell Sr. has spent 15 years trying to clear his son's name after Michael Bell Jr. was shot and killed by Kenosha police -- the officer's use of force ruled justified. On Monday, Jan. 6, Bell Sr. spoke out on another high-profile case in Kenosha County.

Bell Sr. addressed the Kenosha Common Council -- questioning the handling of the Chrystul Kizer case -- awaiting trial in connection with the death of her alleged sex trafficker, Randall Volar III, 34. Kizer faces life in prison after prosecutors said Kizer shot Volar, and then set his house on fire on the morning of June 5, 2018.

After charges were filed, prosecutors said they would be looking into Kizer's claims about Volar "touching her."

"I'm here because there's systemic problems," Bell Sr. told the common council Monday. "What happened to Chrystul Kizer, you know, for charging a young lady for killing someone that was violating her -- and they won't charge an officer who was rogue in this case, and so there's a systemic problem at the core."

Kenosha County District Attorney Mike Graveley wrote a lengthy post on Facebook before Christmas regarding the Kizer case, reading as follows:

Background on the case

The following charges were filed June 13, 2018 against Kizer:

    She has pleaded not guilty, and a jury trial was scheduled for March 2020.

    According to the criminal complaint, emergency responders were first called to a home on 14th Avenue around 5:30 a.m. on June 5, 2018 for a house fire. Inside, they found Volar deceased -- his body "badly charred" and "unrecognizable."

    Fatal fire on 14th Avenue in Kenosha

    Chrystul Kizer

    When investigators began looking at this case more closely, they determined Volar's vehicle had been taken from the residence. Milwaukee police later recovered it near 6th Street and Canal Street in Milwaukee. Inside the vehicle, officers found a receipt indicating a transaction at a Milwaukee area Family Dollar on June 5, 2018. Surveillance video showed three individuals, two males and a female juvenile, inside the store. Inside the vehicle, officers also found a cellphone which had photos of the same three people in the store -- who had taken selfies inside the vehicle. Investigators noted the "data tags on these photos were all taken after Mr. Volar's body had already been discovered."

    The two males in the surveillance video were later identified by officials. Investigators spoke with one of them who identified the female as Kizer. That same person indicated where Kizer lived -- and noted she had taken an Uber ride from near that location to a location near Volar's home in Kenosha late on June 4, 2018.

    Fatal fire on 14th Avenue in Kenosha

    The complaint said detectives obtained a booking photo of Kizer -- and "it matched a selfie on a Facebook page that was attributed to" Kizer in this investigation. The complaint said "the Facebook page appeared to have a selfie taken in front of a set of black curtains and with other items which (the detective) could identify as items seen at the Volar home when he went there after the fire on June 5."

    Chrystul Kizer

    Fatal fire on 14th Avenue in Kenosha

    Detectives monitored Kizer's Facebook page and noted on June 8, 2018, three days after the fire, she "posted a live video on her page in which the she displayed what appeared to be a handgun and pistol ammunition." She made reference to giving her brother the stolen car from Volar's residence -- and stated "she wasn't afraid to kill again." The detective indicated that also on her Facebook page, Kizer had shared an article from FOX6 News about the fire at Volar's home.

    Prosecutors said she wrote on Facebook, "This is my mugshot." After the crime, prosecutors said Kizer went to her boyfriend's house and "stated that she had shot the white dude."

    Chrystul Kizer

    "We do believe there is more to the story that hasn't been presented," said Ben Schwarz, Kizer's lawyer, shortly after charges were filed.

    On June 9, 2018, detectives interviewed Kizer about the Volar case. Initially she told investigators "she had never been to Kenosha and knew nothing about the (stolen car)." When Kizer was shown a picture of Volar, she "indicated that he had helped her with money and places to stay," prosecutors said.

    Kizer later admitted that she was in Kenosha, the complaint said. Kizer "explained that she took an Uber to the (Volar) residence on June 4." When asked whether she was the one who shot Volar, Kizer admitted "she had gotten upset and she was tired of Mr. Volar touching her." The complaint said "she pulled the trigger."

    Chrystul Kizer

    When asked about the fire that was set after Volar was shot, the complaint said Kizer stated "she watches the show Criminal Minds and she decided to make a fire."

    Kizer said she cleaned up after herself and put her dishes in the dishwasher and then poured a red liquor everywhere, grabbed tissues and toilet paper, and started a fire. She also admitted to leaving the house out of a window rather than the front door, according to the complaint.

    Prosecutors said she took Volar's BMW, laptop, and some cash.