Menomonee Falls proposes changes for student schedule

MENOMONEE FALLS -- One hour a week. School officials in Menomonee Falls say it'd make a big difference for teachers. But some parents say a plan for early dismissal once a week would totally throw off their schedules.

The school board proposal on the table right now would end the school day on Wednesdays one hour earlier than normal. Officials say it would give teachers time to meet weekly as they adjust to new common core performance standards.

"In my career, and I've been in education for over 30 years, this is probably the most significant shift we've had for both student performance expectations and the shifts in what we have to teach," Pat Greco, Menomonee Falls Superintendent said.

The high school has already adopted the new schedule, but Greco says teachers at the middle and elementary schools need that hour too.

The shift would force parents who pick up their kids to adjust their schedules.

"My initial response was some concern because both my husband and I work, so that would impact our schedules," parent Leah Richmond said.

School district officials say they would compensate for the change by expanding the after-school program.

Parents will be able to share their opinions on the proposed changes at the school board meeting on Wednesday, December 5th. The meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. in the North Middle School library.

The board expects to vote on the proposal in January 2013.