Menomonee Falls man develops Packers CheeseMask

MENOMONEE FALLS -- It began with a snowboarding trip - Michael Duda saw a kid snowboarding with a cheesehead on, and thought "wow, you don't see that very often!" Duda, of the Menomonee Falls' has spent the past 17 years providing Packers products to feed the fanaticism, and couldn't pass on another opportunity, so he developed the CheeseMask.

Duda designed and developed what he hopes will be the next got-to-have Green Bay Packers item: the CheeseMask. "What could I have that people would actually be able to use on game day, or whether they're going to be outdoors, shoveling their driveway, or anything to just scream 'I'm a cheesehead!'" Duda said.

Duda says the CheeseMask looks good with pretty much any Packers gear! "We think it gives you that intimidating look that we want opposing teams to come to Lambeau and realize that this is our house, and we're going to protect it with the CheeseMask!" Duda said.

The CheeseMask was just released Monday, and after only a few days, it already has people talking. "I think it's neat! I mean, I'd wear it at Lambeau!" one fan said.

Duda says word is starting to get out, and people are starting to flock to his store to get one. "A guy came in today and was like, so-and-so bought one, and told me I could get them here, and we're starting to see that," Duda said.

Customers are starting to see the CheeseMask online at, and the CheeseMask will also be for sale at Lambeau Field during this weekend's game against the New York Giants.